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    26th June 2013

Assoc NCO
2:00 AM (5 hours ago)
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To All,                As you may now  be aware Her Majesty The Queen will carry out Her Inspection of The Queen's Company, present new colours to Nijmegen Company and attend the Association centenary Garden Party on Wednesday 26 June 2013.  To enable planning to begin a scoping exercise is required to accurately forecast the likely attendance.  All Branch secretaries are therefore asked to inform the Association NCO of the number of tickets required for members of their Branch. Please could you inform the Association NCO of your total requirement by no later than 11th January 2013.

Dear Secretaries,


I would like to introduce myself as the Project Officer for The Colonel’s Fund Grenadier Guards. You may well have already heard about the fund so apologies if I am telling you what you already know, but let me give a brief outline of our motivation and aims.


You will all be aware of the 1st Battalion’s hard tour of Afghanistan earlier this year and the toll that it had on the Battalion. With 5 Grenadiers killed in action and 32 very badly wounded, it was some of the harshest fighting the Regiment has seen in many years.


Many people felt moved to raise money for the wounded and hence the Wounded in Action Fund was started earlier in the year. It soon became obvious that this would grow into something very significant and therefore Regimental Headquarters set up an Executive Committee and approached The Colonel of the Regiment to ask if he would lend his Patronage to what has now become The Colonel’s Fund Grenadier Guards. I was then appointed to run the fund for one year from Regimental Headquarters.


The hope is to build a fund over a one year period that will augment the current Regimental Charities and provide welfare for the families of those killed, those injured and welfare for the Battalion during future tours.


There is far more information on the website (


My first job has been to distribute a brochure to every member of the Regiment, be they past or present, and this is where I need your help. I have sent a pack to you all containing enough envelopes and brochures for each of your members. At this time, all I ask is that you send these out before Christmas, the postage for which can be claimed back from Trevor Rolfe.


This will be a very busy and exciting year for all the Branches of the Association, which I see as key in making a success of the appeal.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or advice.


Yours Ever,


Jeremy Quarrie





Captain Jeremy Quarrie

Project Officer

The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards

Regimental Headquarters

Wellington Barracks

Birdcage Walk

London SW1E 6HQ


Tel:  020 7414 3281

Fax: 020 7414 3443


Branch Secretary
Skype patrick17463