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Grenadier Guards Association Australian Branch

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350th Anniversary of the Grenadier Guards 1656 - 2006

                                                 FOUNDED 1913

                                        Patron Her Majesty the Queen

                        Formerly South Australia Branch Founded 1971.


    President                                                                       Secretary

Alan Talmash                                                            Patrick O’Donoghue

635 Fuller Road,                                                        67 Victoria Street,

Foster 3960.                                                                Howlong 2643.

Victoria.                                                                      New South Wales Australia

Australia.                                                                    Tel 02 60268147

Tel 03 – 56822180.                                Skype: - Patrick17463   Mobile 0409678652

                                our website http://


 Dear Members

The last two years have been especially hard for our Branch. 2010 saw only six subs paid and last year there were none. I was determined not to see the Branch close and used my own money to keep things ticking over, when promises were made by the then General Secretary at HQ, despite those assurances I remained out of pocket.

When the new General Secretary, Major Green, took over, we had a long conversation about the unique situation of Members of the Australia Branch. Knowing we are all aging and many living long distances from each other, Major Green agreed we shouldn’t need to pay subs to keep the Branch open, and also agreed to refund all my out of pocket expenses. He is aware also of communication problems some Members have in this country. It was agreed that we continue to service Members by Email or by telephone on 0260268147 or, if urgent on mobile number 0409678652. Our own website Also my Skype address Patrick 7463

So subs are no longer required. Members who have problems may contact me using any of the above methods. We will provide wreaths on request for any member who passes on at the request of their family. On Remembrance Day and Anzac Day I will continue to lay wreaths in remembrance of our fallen comrades.

I would like, finally to thank those Members who called to wish me well during my recent health problems and hospitalisations. I would like to report I am once again in good health and wish all Members and their families a healthy and happy 2012.


Kind regards     Patrick

Shirley Hutchinson wife of the Late Neville.
2006 Reunion in Australia.

2006 Reunion in Australia.

Jack Scraff Albury NSW. Reunion 2006

Patrick O'Donoghue Australia Branch Secretary
2006 Reunion in Albury Australia.

Breakfast at 2006 Reunion in Australia

Branch Secretary
Skype patrick17463